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مرحبا اهلا وسهلا

Welcome to Rihlatul Ilm Foundation



All Praises are due to The Almighty who has made Man from among the best of his creation. Thereafter, allowed him to strive towards achieving his goals for verily striving towards perfection is the specialty of only Man and no other creation. Peace and Salutations upon the noblest of His creation who has come to Man with the best exemplary lifestyle. He was sent as a mercy for all of Allah's creation, leave alone Man. 

The religion of Islam is the code of life and it promotes peace and unity. It fits in every time and every era in order to fulfill the necessities of Mankind both physically and spiritually. In order to succeed to be a noble human being, as a Muslim, it is necessary that one seeks from the divine sciences and traditions of His prophet (PBUH). The noble Messenger of God has left a perfect code of conduct and a way of life. As he states in his traditions, "The seeking of Knowledge is compulsory upon every Muslim (male and female)".


Rihaltul Ilm Foundation is a humble institution established 2014 in order to fulfill this necessity. So that our Muslim children could be educated to be the most Noblest of people with Islamic morals and conduct. We are very blessed to have an extremely strong and potent team of scholars who dedicate their time, energy and thoughts to teach students of all classes.   


The purpose of Rihlatul Ilm Foundation is to create a peaceful environment wherein one will find spiritual happiness and tranquility. As a result, It is to help a person recognize his creator by studying the holy traditions of the Noble Messenger. Coupled with a deep understanding of the Arabic Language in order to understand God's holy book which he revealed to His Messenger. 





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